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OpenTT provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a solution to the problem of managing request through the integration of:
  • A powerful request management engine
  • A simple and intuitive container for structured information in the form of question/answer or title/content (FAQ - Frequently Asked Question)
  • A sophisticated graphical reporting tool to keep the situation under control

Trouble Ticketing (based on OTRS)
  • Opening of calls via web
  • Opening of calls via email
  • Opening of calls via telephone through an operator (available integration for CosmoCall and leading multimedia contact center software)
  • Opening of calls via "batch" interface: perl script that can be run locally or remotely
  • Management of users, groups and security policies (with local database or LDAP server)
  • Management of multiple request queues
  • Management of priorities, alarms, ready-made replies
  • Resource accounting
  • Multilingual support
Frequently asked question (based on phpMyFAQ)
  • Division of subjects into categories and sub-categories
  • List of the most frequently read articles
  • List of most recent articles
  • Free text search
  • Management of user feedback
Graphical reporting (based on Cewolf)
  • Trend graphics
  • Dashboard with real time indicators

Technical Features
OpenTT is a completely web-based application: there is no client software to be installed, no Java applets to be downloaded, or any ActiveX components used; it is compatible with the most popular browsers (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, etc.) in Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X environments.
All the software in the system - operating system, database and application server, original application modules, integrations and extensions implemented by Primeur - is distributed with licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative (
Performance, scalability and reliability
The solution is certified for volumes of 1000 requests per day, and can be implemented in single node, "cluster active/standby", "cluster active/active" configurations to guarantee the levels of reliability and scalability required by the customer.
Integration with other systems
The solution can be integrated with the main system management solutions and the most widespread contact center systems: there is a bundled integration available with the "Cosmo Call" multimedia Contact Center system.
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